John S. Parker, P.E., Principal

David M. Moore, CPD, Manager
Kimberly Griffin, CPD

Beth Vrooman
Steve Haraway
Clarence Moore
Ning Wu

Todd Goode





Our plumbing engineers utilize the latest products and technology to provide a cost-effective design to meet the needs of our diverse clientele.  Our specialties include waste, grease waste, pumped waste systems, domestic water, gas (natural and propane), storm, medical gas systems, and vacuum waste removal systems for a wide variety of projects. 

We offer various state-of-the-art water heating designs utilizing concepts such as refrigeration heat reclaim tanks, heat exchangers, tankless water heaters and high efficiency heaters. We offer our clients designs utilizing the latest water and energy conservation methods to provide owners with a design sensitive to the latest industry standards, while maintaining an effective operating system.

We are knowledgeable in sustainable designs to satisfy the LEED and Green Globe certification programs.