Our plumbing engineers utilize the latest products and technology to provide a cost-effective design to meet the needs of our diverse clientele.  Our specialties include waste, grease waste, pumped waste systems, domestic water, gas (natural and propane), storm, medical gas systems, and vacuum waste removal systems for a wide variety of projects. 

We offer various state-of-the-art water heating designs utilizing concepts such as refrigeration heat reclaim tanks, heat exchangers, tankless water heaters and high efficiency heaters. We offer our clients designs utilizing the latest water and energy conservation methods to provide owners with a design sensitive to the latest industry standards, while maintaining an effective operating system.

We are knowledgeable in sustainable designs to satisfy the LEED and Green Globe certification programs.




Our mechanical design department uses the latest design tools to provide accurate load sizing. These loads are then used to design a system to best meet the client’s needs. The project may require the most cost effective system or may need a highly specialized system.

Our mechanical engineers design building components with energy efficient practices in mind. The latest technological advances are studied and incorporated in the design and may include options such as thermal energy storage, variable speed/variable capacity systems, air economizer systems, and secondary water cooling.

We also have extensive knowledge sizing and incorporating ventilation systems, exhaust systems, economizers, and heat recovery systems when a project requires it. We make it our priority to ensure that our design meets the client’s particular needs


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Power, lighting, communication, and energy management systems are an integral component of designs today. Our electrical design team strives to stay current on new innovations in a continuously evolving industry.

We are proud of our broad scope of projects and we strive to maintain reliability, flexibility, and sustainability to our designs.

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